How to buy GRAND in IDO from Lobstr wallet

Grandle’s decentralized finance capabilities utilize a smart chain network that is actively revolutionizing the world of crypto. The program enables easy interoperability between various platforms and skyrockets the users’ economic gains.

Grandle is doing Pre sale on the website and also started IDO ( Initial Dex Offering ) on stellar blockchain.

We have 3 tokens on 3 blockchains for our users to perform cross chain swapping.

  1. Grand Erc20
  2. Grand BSC
  3. Grand Stellar

For participating in IDO you need to follow all steps mentioned below.

  1. Visit and download wallet either for android or iOS.
  2. Create account on lobstr and sign into your account.
  3. Buy XLM with your credit or debit card to activate your wallet.

a) Click on buy Lumens.

b) Write the amount you want to buy.

c) Click on proceed to payment and you will be redirected to add card details and buy XLM.

4. Once purchase is made and you have XLM in you have to enable trustline for GRAND in order to buy or SWAP.

a) Click on assets

b) Click on Add Asset

c) In search bar write and click on add.

5. Once trustline is added you can now Buy/Swap/Trade GRAND on lobstr

a) For Buying/Trading click on Trade

b) After that click on Buy, In amount section add the amount of GRAND you want to buy Any amount. Once amount is added click on Buy Grand and within 2 seconds GRAND will be in your wallet instantly.

6) You can also Swap GRAND with XLM

a) Click on Swap Assets

b) In second option you will see some other coin like USDC you have to change it by clicking on it.

c) In next page write and click on GRAND to select it.

7) After selecting it will take you to previous page of Swap XLM to GRAND.

a) Enter amount of XLM you want to SWAP with GRAND and click on Swap XLM to GRAND.

b) And you will see pop-up saying Swap Completed.

That’s all if you still facing any problem reach out to us via Telegram chat.